Redd’s Wicked Ale Commercial

Camilla Belle

Ray Liotta

Keith David

Sean Young

Clifton Collins Jr.

Jackie Earle Haley

Forest Whitaker

Walton Goggins

Push brothers

James Dale Badge

Michael Ironside

Willem Dafoe

Frankenbilly ©

Captain Morgan spot


Freeze Dried

Klown Fu

Willem Dafoe

From Jim Beam’s “Bold Choice” ad campaign. Media: Silicone sumo prosthetics and lace wig.

Johnny Depp

Disguise for his cameo in “21 Jump Street” (2012).

Stephen Lang

as Colonel Miles Quaritch, from “Avatar”. Media: Pros-Aide transfer scars, tattoo transfers.

Sam Worthington

as Marcus Wright from “Terminator Salvation”. Media: Pros-aide transfers, silicone wounds.

Severed Cyclops Head

Cryogenically Frozen

Planet of The Apes

Lon Chaney inspired Clown

Jeanne Tripplehorn

Armie Hammer

Lola Glaudini

Beauty & Corrective

Paula Malcomson

Johnny Depp

as Old Tonto, from “The Lone Ranger”. Media: Silicone body prosthetics.

Chamber of Fear – Nike spot

Ilram Choi as The Grand Master. Media: Gelatin age prosthetics, age stipple, lace hair pieces, contact lenses.

Six Flags icon Mr. Six

Madge Sinclair

Lou Diamond Phillips

Media: Gelatin age appliances.

Willem Dafoe

From Jim Beam’s “Bold Choice” ad campaign. Media: Bald cap, age stipple and lace wig.

Willem Dafoe

From Jim Beam’s “Bold Choice” ad campaign. Media: Bald cap, silicone prosthetics, age stipple, lace hair pieces.

Helena Bonham Carter

From “Big Fish”. Media: Gelatin age appliances, age stipple, lace wig.



Bradley Whitford

Call Of Duty zombie

Wilhelm von Homburg

Slim VS Gramps

Dr Phibes reimagined

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Jason Miller

John Hurt

as Father Lareauxas from “Lost Souls” Media: Latin words: scar material. Age stipple. Tattoo inks, RMG washes and mottling.

Deobia Oparei

Vigo-Stantz Demon

Call of Duty zombie

Alice In Chains music video

Sharon Omi

Roman The Fabulist

Jeanene Fox

Alien Assassin

Immigrant Alien

From MIB III. Media: Silicone cowl, muzzle and chin. Age stipple. Lace and hand laid hair.


Bowling Alley Alien

From MIB III. Media: Foam latex cowl, silicone eye, chin and neck prosthetics.


Fire In The Sky BTS


Sixth Finger reimagined

From MIB III. Media: Foam latex cowl and facial appliances. Sculpt: Norman Cabrera

Blackbeard’s Pirate

Bill Hader

as Andy Warhol in MIB III. Media: Silicone facial prosthetics. Lace wig.

William Fichtner

Ray Liotta

Sam Worthington

Cliff Curtis

Peter Fonda

Kris Kristofferson

John Travolta

Johnny Depp

Guy Pearce

Kevin McNally

Forest Whitaker

Djimon Hounsou

Chris Evans

Andre Braugher

Adrien Brody


Marshall Bell

Botched Lynching Scar

Frankie Muniz

Henry Winkler

From “Little Nicky” Media: Gelatin facial appliances.

Helena Bonham Carter

Gary Dourdan

From “Alien Resurrection”. Media: Gelatin acid burn prosthetics.

Fire In The Sky cadaver

3rd degree burns

Soiled Dove

Kim Jong-il

Henry Kingi

Willem Dafoe

From Jim Beam’s “Bold Choice” ad campaign. Media: Bald cap, tattoo transfers, telesis scars, tattoo ink bruising.

Mike Myers

Jet Ski accident


Del Close

Del Close

Cynthia Nixon

Cold Case

Christian Bale

Barry Pepper

Carved scar

Beauty & Corrective

Beauty & Corrective

Goth Beauty

Ms.Tomato Head

The Mask reimagined



Hedge Cut

Andy Dick

Danny Woodburn

Doug Jones

Mike Myers

Ricki Lake


Coop inspired Devil

The Red Queen’s Court

Andrew Jackson likeness

Dakota Fanning

Ming-Na Wen

Maggie Siff


Yvan Ponton

Marco Hofschneider

Lost Souls

Dwight Schultz

Call Of Duty Crawler

Trickster Mesh

Altoidia “People of Pain” spot

Ghost dancer

Call of Duty zombie



The Fly reimagined


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